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Your wedding should be determined by how you feel s a couple. Your wedding is a very special day in both of your lives and to make it a memorable affair, you may choose to have it in a way that is special to both of you. Some couples feel that they are the best of friends; some feel that they are soul mates; while others may feel that what they have is a match blessed by God. Whatever it is that you believe your union to be like, your wedding can reflect just that.
Your wedding can be lighthearted, casual, formal or very religious. It should be determined by your beliefs as a couple, and not by anyone else’s beliefs. If you decide to have a Scottish wedding ceremony, it may mean that you are Scottish by blood or have a great love for the country. Whatever it is, we can assure that your Scottish wedding ceremony will be an affair that will remain as a beautiful memory to you and all your guests. You will easily find wedding planning services that will be able to arrange a Scottish wedding for you. You can also do so on your own, if you know enough about the Scottish culture.

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Scottish Ceremony

In my humble opinion, the Scottish wedding ceremony is the most beautiful way to celebrate your special day and is one of the few remaining ceremonies that stays true to its traditions. The ceremony incorporates every guest in attendance with all the spiritual and traditional acts that have long since left most contemporary ceremonies. Handfasting, The Blessing and/or presentation of the family sword, the pinning of the family tartan, the presentation of the new family kilt and many other traditions can be included in the ceremony if desired.


Scottish Wedding Traditions

  • Bringing the ceremony traditions of the
    Scottish Highlands to your celebration!
  • Romantic ~ Traditional ~ Scottish!
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My Wedding Services

A meeting with you and your fiancé to discuss the ceremony and the acts of celebration that take place. In some cases, where couples are out of the area, the ceremony can be put together by phone and email.

Communication (phone/email) up to the day of your ceremony. If needed, discussions with vendors and coordinators that are not familiar with this type of celebration.

A final draft of your ceremony 2 weeks prior. You will love our ceremony outline!

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